Product Review by Jim Davis
New Stren Super Braid
[ February 3, 2004 ] by Jim Davis

Confidence, this is one of the most important mental aspects a tournament angler must have. Websterís defines confidence as, "That in which faith is put; Belief; Trust; Feeling of security." You must have confidence in your abilities as a tournament angler to locate and catch fish consistently. To be able to locate fish and catch them you must also have utmost confidence in your equipment. The best way to gain that confidence in your equipment is through trial and error on the water.

Last summer I was sent some samples of NEW STREN, SUPER BRAID to try out. This new line won ď Best In CategoryĒ at last years ICAST, (International Convention of Allied SportfishingTrades) show in Las Vegas. I was already familiar with some of the advantages braided lined provided. I was also aware of some of the disadvantages. I spooled up my Quantum Energy PT reels and headed to Stonewall Jackson Lake for a little evaluating of my own. I decided to rig up with a Carolina rig and get to work. The first thing I realized was the casting performance. It comes off the spool smooth and easy. The next thing I realized was the incredible sensitivity of Stren Super Braid. I could feel the bottom contour as if I was reaching down on the bottom feeling it with my hand. After several trips to the lake and lots of fish another feature impressed me, with Strenís Advanced Micro Bond Technology the line is resistant to fading and fraying, the line maintained it roundness which kept it from cutting down into my spool. Itís knot strength is awesome! This really comes in handy when I use it on my spinning reels. I attach a 6ft Stren Magna Flex leader directly to the braid and it will not slip! The features this line offers gave me complete confidence in it. I am convinced that the confidence I gained in it gave me an edge in last years WVBF State Championship, and allowed me to qualify for my fourth BASS Eastern Divisional Championship. Donít take my word for it put it to the test yourself!

Strenís Super Braid is available in two colors, Lo-vis green and Hi-vis gold. It is available in several spool sizes including 125, 300,and 1500 yard . It starts at 8 pound test and goes up to 130 pound test. You can check it out online at Good Fishing!

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