Lowrance electronics and the West Virginia Bass Federation, a winning combination in tournament angling.

The West Virginia Bass Federation promotes Lowrance throughout the state and the organization. The federation has displayed the Lowrance logo with a link to the Lowrance website on our Federation's page for many years. The internet is one of our primary means of communication and advertisement. The use of our website allows for communication to go out to all members quickly, allow for a repository of information, and gives others an opportunity to see what we are about. It is often that we receive phone calls, emails, etc from individuals that have seen our website and would like information on fishing a certain lake, how to join the federation, or various other topics.

2012 WVBF Youth Tournament

Another venue that we use for marketing exposure is our weigh-in trailer. It is wrapped and displays our federation information, sponsors logos, and other information to gain our tournaments notoriety. The Lowrance logo is prominently displayed on the side of the trailer. The trailer is used at all of our tournaments and is at the parking lot from daylight until the end of the event. Media coverage of the WV Bass Federation Championship is broadcast on the local news channels, thus providing another venue for brand exposure.

2012 WVBF Morgantown Championship

The Lowrance logo is prominently displayed on the upper right chest area or on the sleeve of our custom designed state federation tournament shirts. The clothing is available for purchase by all members. Many of our anglers wear these shirts during tournament days and other times they are on the water.

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